Performances for Adults

Some stories abstract, passionate and violent, but most of all not meant for childrens ears. Experiencing worlds of love, hate, trickery and fate, you will be joining gods, animals and human beings on their journeys through their lives and hear, why they have become immortal through the tales of people.

Shows of the current Repertoire:

The Old Woman, The Buffalo, and The Lion of Manding
The birth of Sundiata Keita, legendary founder of the great Malian Empire in West Africa, is one of the most exciting birth-of-a-hero tales in the world. Featuring hunters, kings, prophecy, a buffalo woman, a jealous first wife, curses, insults, and acts of honour, this passionate and inspiring tale is the beloved story of the origin of a nation.

With Kouame and Raymond Sereba

Duration: 120 mins

Should some stories be untold, are some subjects off limits? Cross the threshold into a world of twisted folk and fairytale where incest, infanticide and infatuation are to be found, and murder and mayhem abound.

Duration: 90 mins

Tales of the Orisha: Afro-Cuban Myth, Legend and Lore
The Orisha are among the pantheon of Yoruba deities, part of a belief system found across the world from Lagos to London to Long Island. Embark on a journey through some of the myths and legends that have sustained them, feasting on rich stories, rousing rhythm and sacred song.

with Crispin Robinson

Duration: 90mins

Sorrow and Love
An old farmer promises his daughters he’ll bring them their hearts’ desire. The youngest asks for sorrow and love, and so begins an unexpected journey of magic and intrigue. Tales told from Africa, England and Jamaica, of false promises, broken hearts and love everlasting.

with William Pearce-Smith

Duration: 90mins

A beautiful girl is hatched from a large egg. Her mother, a zebu, is determined to keep her daughter by her side, promising terrible consequences if she ever leaves. But fate has other intentions …

Duration: 30mins

The Buffalo Woman
A hunter kills buffalo and takes the meat back to his village. But the young buffalo calf that watched him kill her mother is determined to make him pay. After many years of planning, the shape-shifting Buffalo Woman goes on a quest for revenge but doesn’t anticipate the lengths a mother will go to in order to protect her son.

Duration: 30mins

The Leopard Woman
A hunter goes in search of a leopard cub, a sacrifice in honour of his newborn son – but on finding two cubs, greed overcomes reason and he takes both. Their mother however, a shape-shifting leopard, is determined to see her children returned home safely and the hunter pay a high price for his selfishness.

Duration: 30mins

The Girl and the Snake
The story of a jealous brother and a wronged sister, of revenge and redemption, and sibling relationships in both the human and animal kingdom. And of one girl’s courageous battle to live the happy life promised to her despite a cruel betrayal.

Duration: 30mins