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4 days ago

Jan Blake Storyteller/The Akua Storytelling Project

A great week working with this lovely lot on A Body Of Words Storytelling Masterclass. This week was all about the Trickster archetype. Coyote, Ananse, Hermes Loki and The beautiful, but deadly Fatima all made an appearance, much to my delight. Thanks for the stories folks; the stories & the trust. See you next month for Module 2; Shapeshifters

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Last night I was Stealing Thunder with Nick & Emily Hennessy. Not only did I get to meet a lovely new Storytelling audience, but I also got to meet the very bonny Finlay Bjorn Hennessey. I’ve seen some gorgeous babies in my time, but Finlay...What a boy! 😍
Thanks to Kay & Gary for hosting me last night and for a lovely breakfast this morning. Now it’s time to take the train home, from Oxenholme.

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