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I created it, I constructed it, then I wrote it down. Then I loosened & deconstructed it, so that I could tell it and it worked! A lovely afternoon at Tara Arts telling Camilla & Compella to a small, but warm & welcoming audience. A big shout out to Black Theatre Live, Jonathan Kennedy & Jatinder Verma, for the opportunity and to Deborah Blake & Zena Edwards for their listening ears. Another milestone passed. Whoop! Whoop! ...

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Yay!!! Love this festival! I can't WAIT! Who's coming to Estonia❤️ ...

Kutsusime teid talve hakul programmi koostamisel kaasa rääkima ja oleme tulemusi kaua saladuses hoidnud. Andsime endast parima, et kolm kõige rohkem hääli saanud esinejat suvisel festivalil inimesi taas rõõmustaksid. Edastame teile - maailma parimale publikule uudise: XXV Viljandi pärimusmuusika festivalil astuvad rahva ette kõik kolm rahva lemmikut - Otava Yo, Ansambel Tbilisi ja Jan Blake. Kas kohtume 27.- 30. juulil Viljandi Lossimägedes? --- We asked for your opinion about the programme at the beginning of winter. And we have kept the secret from you for long. We gave our best to bring back the three performers who received the most votes. And we can say - all three favourites will cheer us again this summer - Jan Blake, Otava Yo and Ensemble Tbilisi. Will we meet at 27.-30. July in Viljandi Castle ruins?

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Jan Blake Storyteller/The Akua Storytelling Project added an event. ...

Camilla & Compella

February 11, 2017, 10:30am - February 11, 2017, 7:30am

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